Northern Baja Wellness Center – Modified Updated Gerson Therapy

After Dr. Gerson’s death in 1959, his therapy remained dormant for 18 years until Norman Fritz approached Dr. Gerson’s daughter, Charlotte, and convinced her to carry on her father’s work and legacy. In 1977, the first Gerson hospital was inaugurated in Tijuana, Mexico.

Dr. Gerson was the consummate scientist; constantly trying to perfect his already powerful therapy. In his book, “A CANCER THERAPY: RESULTS OF 50 CASES,” on pages 121-130, Dr. Gerson eluded to various directions he wanted to take his therapy in order to improve its results. Unfortunately, Dr. Gerson never got the opportunity to test those theories out because he died.

In the early 1990’s, Charlotte Gerson, for whatever reason, decided, unilaterally, to separate herself from those who wanted to further improve on Dr. Gerson’s work as Dr. Gerson, himself, would have liked. With a deep desire to see Dr. Gerson’s ideas carried out and a deep desire to see superior clinical results we had no choice but to leave Charlotte Gerson and the Gerson Institute so that we could begin applying those beneficial additions to the therapy which have PROVEN to increase the clinical outcomes. Today, our ADVANCED GERSON THERAPY has proven to be unrivaled in the superior results it obtains just as Dr. Gerson himself theorized it would.

While you can still receive the straight, original Gerson Therapy, as Dr. Gerson left it, your chances of survival are much greater on the advanced program. Below is a list of all the therapies included in that advanced program. Contact us for more detailed descriptions of the various therapies.

The Gerson Therapy

Ozone/Hydrogen Peroxide

Coley’s Immunotherapy

Immersion Hyperthermia




Laboratory Tests

I.V. Vitamin C Therapy


Oral/IV Poly MVA


Located on the pristine coast of the Baja Peninsula, our facilities have stunning vistas overlooking the Pacific Ocean from one of Baja’s most scenic and upscale resorts. Here you can enjoy hiking, golfing, tennis or a beautiful, relaxing stroll down the beach right outside your door; all while receiving the incredible healing power of the Gerson Therapy.

Ten miles further down the road, just outside the town of Rosarito, is our secondary facility we, occasionally, like to use to accommodate our patients. Here you will, again, have stunning views of the ocean as you look over your own private beach while waves crash on the beautiful rock formations below.  This facility’s accommodations are absolutely luxurious and we have no doubt that you, simply, will not want to leave us.

Only 30 minutes from San Diego International Airport our facility is an easy drive after an exhausting flight. Every day, tens of thousands of people cross the Mexican/United States border, safely, en route to their jobs and homes on either side of the border. Our wonderful, caring Mexican staff is working around the clock to make sure every single one of your needs is met at a moment’s notice as they understand the very difficult time you are going through. Upon your arrival into San Diego, we will pick you up at the airport and escort you across the border straight to our clinic so you do not need to worry about the logistics of crossing the Mexican border on your own. We will also return you to the airport at the conclusion of your stay with us.  At all times there is someone in the clinic that speaks both English and Spanish so that your needs are clearly understood and communicated. We are confident that your stay at our clinic will be so peaceful and pleasant that you simply will not want to leave. For more details on booking your stay at our clinic please contact us at the contact information provided.